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VIALE SISTEMI was founded by a family who had worked since the early 50's in the sector of glasshouse manufacturing. Since 1990 we specialized in manufacturing the complete range of equipment for greenhouses and livestock window opening systems and shading system.


In 1987 we were awarded the ISO 9001 Quality System by l’Istituto Nazionale per la Meccanica (ICIM)



Since 2000, new product lines have been added to the 30-year-old traditional one.

These are designed to meet the new international standards and needs in the greenhouses and poultry houses sectors, like hoisting systems for feeders and drinkers, roll-up for plastic film, protection of cooling pads and fans, ventilation in industrial sheds, and photovoltaic plants.

 VIALE SISTEMI’s modern equipment allows the manufacture of products that meet superior quality standards. Our Technical Office is always at your service to suggest optimal solutions for your needs.